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Market Research with specialty in Mobile Youth (Millennial and Generation Z) research

What we offer

Unlike a traditional agency, there are multiple avenues for you to work with us. We love our clients—and it shows. However, we understand that not every company has a large research budget. Our goal is to help you nonetheless, whether that is through a large-scale custom research project where we come in as the jedi team and and take care of everything from recruiting, planning, researching, synthesis, and insights, or through a mentor-coaching program for your Marketing or UX team.

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Try us. As a small company, we flex to your needs.



Lightning-fast research

Need to get your research off the ground—fast? If you’re short on time, these projects are for you. From recruiting to results in as little as 2 weeks, these swift, nimble projects may be just what you need.



Bespoke research projects

At the heart of what we do is our custom research. We listen to your goals and craft a strategic plan for collecting research with qualitative and quantitative techniques that will get you the answers you need.



Research staff augmentation

Get to done with an extra boost from Bixa. We add to your team seamlessly and offer support when you need it. Whether it’s 100+ interviews in a week or an ongoing project, we’ve got you covered.



Mentor-coaching for you or your team

Group coaching for your marketing or UX team? Heck yeah! If your team is struggling with a client, finding a process, or just not sure how to design a research project in the best possible way, this program is for you. If you want to be coached one-on-one, this is our private coaching program where we customize the perfect program for you or your team.


Self-paced coaching for individuals

Through a partnership with UX Masters Academy, we offer our clients a way to upskill their research know-how with a self-paced mentor-coaching program. Are you: In a new role that involves research? Exploring the best way to manage your team? Convincing stakeholders of the value of research? Or just trying to build your skillset in a more efficient, targeted way? If you want to learn how to coach yourself and improve your skillset, join our world-class coaching system where you get masterful coaching and daily application of the finest methods and tools available today.


Certification training

Through a partnership with UX Masters Academy, we offer pop-up certification training across the country. Of course, wtih 10+ people, we can also come to you in person and train your team through a UX Masters Academy certification track or custom training just for you.




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Feature: Youth research

Too often our research (and to be honest, marketing in general) is reactive in nature. Bixa helps you imagine your finish line—and the audience segments you need to get there. Generation Z (ages 13-25 today) is today’s largest generation. They hold 40% of consumer buying power in the United States, even before most enter the workforce.

If you are choosing reactive research over research about your future customers, you are making an active decision to strain your company’s bottom line. Want to know more about the types of youth research we conduct? Check out Bixa CEO’s new book INSTABRAIN: The New Rules for Marketing to Generation Z. To talk about how we could do it for you, contact us.