Find Your North Star

A carefully crafted vision is at the heart of every successful business, project, and product. Painting a picture of who you serve, and what impact looks like to you is a foundational step toward making better, faster, more meaningful business decisions -- and ultimately, transformative change. 

Bixa's proven visioning process lets you brainstorm and refine your vision to carefully articulate your impact in no uncertain terms. In a short amount of time, you'll have a north star: a unique compass that can guide your future business, program, and product decisions. 


Make Space for Creative Brainstorming

Bixa's proven visioning session gives you the space to brainstorm and refine your goals, and articulate your impact in no uncertain terms. In a short amount of time, you'll have your very own north star: a unique compass to guide your future business and programming decisions.

You may have a clear vision of where you are heading, but that does not mean that everyone on your team shares that same vision -- or can articulate it in the same way. Your co-created vision gets everyone reading from the same sheet of music.

What’s more, Bixa's proven visioning exercises enable creative thinking that busy teams often fail to invest in, as they get caught in the cycle of doing, doing, doing. It makes space for brainstorming, passion, and momentum -- learning about exactly who the people are that will be placed front and center, and what you bring to them.

Ideation followed by refinement exercises will help your team expose the intersections of business objectives and customer needs to find out exactly what differentiates you, and where you need to be. 

Many of our clients revisit their vision statement often, hang it on their walls, and use it as a “north star” to guide future business decisions. Isn't it time that everyone in your team, division, or organization knows which way your star is pointing?  



Dreaming with your team does far more than articulate a clear direction for the future; it brings people together to share a purpose. Invest in visioning to bring focus to your business, and power to the leaders who make it successful. 

How hard is it to get the top leaders at your organization in a single room for a few hours? In a firm where everyone is so busy doing things, maybe you haven't paused long enough to figure out why you're doing things, and who you're really doing them for. It is only once you understand who your target audiences are -- their needs (emotionally and functionally) and their preferences -- that you can begin to strategically clarify your design goals. 



Change will never stick without a strategic plan for it -- one that everyone shares and is working toward. For that reason, we speak about visioning as a key element of the Bixa process for coaching or experience design. 

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The visioning session helped us find our identity. It gave us clarity about who we are & what we do best.
— Lewis-Price