The Right Experience Matters

You work hard for your customers, but one poor experience can drive them away forever. Delivering experiences that can enrich first impressions, engage visitors, and boost sales is our bread and butter. We can help you build end-to-end experiences that capture attention, engage customers, convert visitors, and make an impact through a unique mix of customer exploration, market research and internal discovery. 

What do we mean when we say "end-to-end experience"?  

You walk into a store. Sign into a website. Open an app on your phone. Dial a call center for help. Check your smart watch. Punch keys on the kiosk in an airport. Ask your Amazon Echo for the weather... Every single interaction a customer has with your brand makes up an experience. When we look at the design of your brand's experience, we look at everything from a holistic standpoint. 

We combine business strategy and experience design to transform your brand, product, or service and deliver a distinctly better experience. Our marketing research, user experience, engagement, storytelling, and service design experts work with you to deliver change that matters.

Designing Change That STICKS

While many companies talk about their interaction design and wireframing prowess, at Bixa, our strategic approach to experience design starts in a different place. We want to make sure -- first and foremost -- that the changes we will build with you are made to stick; that they'll matter in the grand scheme of your vision. In that way, we start from the inside out, empowering you to participate and take stake in the process. We work with you to:

  • ENVISION the experience you want your customers to have
  • ESTABLISH leadership practices and organizational culture that's ready to support customer-driven change
  • UNDERSTAND exactly who your audiences are
  • MAKE AN IMPACT by building a brand that your customers adore 

Let's create transformation together.

You can’t have successful digital transformation without transforming management practices and culture.
— Gerry McGovern

Your partner-in-Crime for Experience Design

We're not a bunch of consultants who come in, plunk a big report in your lap, and leave. We're your partner: your secret advisor who helps you get the transformative results you need. We help you think big, beyond just one touchpoint in an experience. We think about how everything ties together, and use this information to recommend the path that will most directly help you meet your ultimate vision and make your mark. 

What makes us stand out from other UX agencies is our focus on you as much as your customer. We are committed to working with you on changes that stick: changes that matter to your brand and to your customers. That means that alongside our customer research and experience design work, we work with you to understand and potentially transform your organization's leadership and culture to ensure that it is ready to accept and support customer-driven change. In parallel, we work with your brand while we work with your internal culture. We encourage constant experimentation, and ensure customer-focused recommendations actually launch. Our coaches remove corporate roadblocks through organizational change management and renowned leadership development programs.

Our lean-inspired approach involves you from the start. We work with you to define measurable goals, perform customer research, and recommend cross-channel enhancements. Our cutting-edge research team designs rich end-to-end interactions and experiences that add value to your brand. But more than that, we'll make sure they launch. That's crafting experiences right. That's Bixa. 

User Experience (UX) Training

Sometimes even firms with big User Experience (UX) teams can get caught in the weeds. We love to work directly with customer-facing teams who are already collecting user data. We provide UX training, as well as group coaching on team cohesiveness. 

Our transformative courses will excite and empower your staff to create customer-focused experiences in everything they do. When your organization begins to routinely weigh customer data more than hunches, that's how you'll know that a user-centered design process has become a part of your culture. 

Our most popular UX trainings include:

Custom workshops available upon request.  Contact us to learn more.