Course Overview

An experience occurs anytime a brand and customer meet. Learn to intentionally engage your customers in a way that creates a memorable event in line with your brand promise and personality. 

Harvard Business Review describes an experience as, "Inherently personal, existing only in the mind of an individual who has been engaged on an emotional, physical, intellectual, or even spiritual level."  

This 3-day User Experience (UX) Fundamentals course will introduce you to basic best practice research and UX skills needed to bring a human-centered approach into your work. Whether you are interested in bringing a UX mindset to your current organization, preparing for a professional certification, launching a career as a UX professional, or wanting to improve communication with your customers, this UX Fundamentals course has something for you.

Hands-on training teaches participants how to:

  • Strategically recruit and engage users
  • Gather valuable insights about your customers through user research activities including usability testing
  • Understand the value of human-centered design
  • Articulate UX best practices by knowing the research behind them

This course also serves as a foundational bootcamp for external UX certifications, including the Human Factors International (HFI) Certified Usability Analyst™ exam.

What You'll Learn

This course empowers your team to start looking for and utilizing the research-based principles and best practices behind experience design.  In 3 days, we cover:

  • What is User Experience? 
  • The Human Brain: Memory, Cognitive Processing, Emotional Design
  • Human-centered Design: Mental Models, UX Strategy, Data Gathering, Personas
  • Information Architecture: Task Analysis, Primary Nouns, Navigation
  • User Interface Design: Navigation, Presentation, Content, Interaction
  • Wireframing
  • Usability Testing: Planning, Techniques, Moderated, Unmoderated, Remote
  • Big Picture: Summing It All Up

Take Away a UX Toolkit

This course is not just about equipping your team with knowledge to start designing more intuitive, delightful digital experiences. It's practical, through and through. You'll take away a UX Toolkit that includes:

Comprehensive student manual
You'll receive our slides and activities in PDF form, so you can easily find information as you need it in the future.

Templates you can bring back to work
During this class, you'll have time to apply new tools to your current projects, and our student activity book will walk you through templates on paper. Afterwards, we know you may want to re-use the templates without recreating them. So we'll give them to you as a PDF so you can print out the templates again and again as you need them for your projects. 

UX glossary
UX vocabulary is always changing and evolving. We know sometimes people use different terms for different things. We'll provide an online glossary of common terms that is updated as the industry updates.  This will help you speak confidently with other UX professionals.

UX resources
We'll provide a constantly-updated online reference list of tools and software you may need for your job as well. 

Who Should Attend

Managers, developers, designers and UX professionals alike will benefit from this fundamentals class, which explores scientific research and then teaches practical skills to apply best practice principles every day. You'll get hands-on practice learning about your customers and applying that knowledge to build more connected and memorable experiences for them.

It is often beneficial for teams to attend this training together, so that everyone receives the same fundamental information and is now operating with a common understanding and set of tools to craft experiences that make a difference.

Our in-house UX Fundamentals course can be tailored for groups ranging from 5 people to 50 people. 


The instructors are extremely knowledgable, and it shows. [I’ve] already started to apply these principles to my project. I’m now constantly thinking about how to make things more usable now, and it’s great!
— Cory F., Booz Allen Hamilton