Great products meet real needs of real people

Personas are fictitious yet realistic representations of your target audiences. Personas represent your users, and help business leaders and product development teams alike see through the customers' eyes. They a simple yet powerful tool used to drive key business and product development decisions, including business and product goals, feature generation, and user story prioritization. 

Personas lead to better experiences, plain and simple. In this 1-day workshop, you will create personas and learn how to use them regularly to realize faster development, better quality products, more cohesive teams, and designs that add value to customers.


Focus on the customers

Many organizations base their decisions on opinions: "I like that," a CEO will say, and then change his mind a week later. Personas are a tool that can be leveraged to shift the pattern of decision-making from internal stakeholder opinions to customer-driven feedback. 

This hands-on how-to course works with you to create personas for your organization, website, product, or anything. During this 1-day session, you will:

  • Learn the distinct uses for user profiles and personas
  • Segment customers in the most effective way, making appropriate assumptions
  • Learn how many personas to define
  • Create a plan to validate personas with real user data
  • Decide where you will use personas in your organization, project, and/or team
  • Craft a communication strategy to educate the rest of your team
  • Commit to driving future requirements generation through personas
  • Plan to periodically evaluate personas to keep them relevant
  • Determine how to measure the success of your persona effort


Personas humanize customer segments [and] create empathy. They are memorable! A core tool for crafting true value.
— Sarah Weise, UX Director, Booz Allen Hamilton