Course Overview

There’s a secret that lies at the heart of today’s most successful tech methodologies: Lean UX, Agile, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Human Centered Design, and beyond. It’s the human connection. In the vast majority of business today, your success is directly related to how well you can connect and engage with others; how well you can listen and add value.

This hands-on session will teach you Lean UX skills and strategies that you can take back to your team immediately. Inspire your team to get to know your customers — and build better experiences, faster for those who interface with your brand.

This is a rare opportunity to learn real-world, quick-turnaround UX techniques from subject matter experts. You'll learn a tried and true series of hands-on activities designed to connect with stakeholders and users to add the right kind of value, faster. You'll even learn how to get people to put down their phones and be present. 

COURSE Details

Our 1-day, hands-on Lean UX course teaches your team the most effective time-tested techniques for connecting with stakeholders and customers alike. You'll learn to listen carefully and implement quickly, launching better products faster. In this course, you'll learn:

  • Creativity kickstarters and facilitation tricks to get your team focused and gushing ideas
  • How to conduct small scale, iterative usability testing -- you'll even watch live testing with one lucky volunteer
  • Real-life stories, photos and videos from 15 years of trial and error
  • Workbook of templates and activities you can start using right away
  • Motivation to go forth and build awesome things, faster

This is our most popular UX course. At Bixa, we love teaching Lean UX, showing teams that it is neither difficult nor time-consuming to connect with customers and make quick-turnaround enhancements that make a difference to their bottom line.

You’re learning from some of the top UX experts in the U.S., maybe even the world... Just learned so many UX tips and tricks.
— Pedram F., Digital Marketing Manager, The Washington Post