Course Overview

Conscious leaders inspire and foster transformation, bringing out the best in those around them. Learn how to implement conscious leadership in your role to boost engagement and drive impact.

Conscious leaders focus on “we” instead of “me.” They understand that their role within their organization is to serve its purpose, to support its people, and to create value for its stakeholders. Conscious leaders recognize the integral role of culture, and mindfully cultivate a conscious culture of trust and care.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Mindfully engage your team members, stakeholders, and other people within your organization
  • Understand how your personal values align to the ideals of conscious leadership
  • Craft a plan to create a conscious culture within your organization, with actionable steps
  • Start taking at least one of these steps immediately, during the class to ensure that this plan stays actionable
  • Set up accountability check-ins, and metrics for knowing that this culture is 'sticking' 

Through this 3-day course, you will go through a personal transformation in your leadership style, and you may never lead the same way again.