Discovering Your Conflict Management Aids In Team Interactions, Negotiations and So Much More

The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI®) tool is the world’s best-selling tool for helping people understand how different conflict-handling styles affect interpersonal and group dynamics—and for empowering them to choose the appropriate style for any situation.

The TKI tool assesses an individual’s typical behavior in conflict situations and describes it along two dimensions: assertiveness and cooperativeness. This assessment tool provides detailed information about how you can effectively leverage your own style of conflict to interact with others by learning about five practical, situation-specific styles for dealing with conflict (competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, accommodating).

Integral Part of Bixa Leadership Development

The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI®) tool is a key part of our leadership development programs because it helps leaders. Our half-day workshop helps leaders:

  • Identify different conflict-handling styles and to learn how to choose the appropriate style for any situation
  • Understand their own default method of conflict handling, and understand if this method was natural or learned
  • Enhance their conflict-management skills by making them more prepared to reconcile differences and work together more effectively
  • Begin productive discussions around team and organizational conflict
  • Eliminate barriers to effective performance
  • Reduce workplace stress with new conflict-handling tools 
  • Retain great employees by improving morale and engagement