Team Collaboration Starts Here

Effective team development begins with understanding how the team operates as a unit. This 1-day Team Dynamics workshop is based on the Group Dynamic Profile (GDP) and Personalysis® assessments, and identifies how a team currently interacts to boost future team collaboration and effectiveness.

Who is this for?

This workshop enhances performance of small teams (sized 3 - 15) that are currently operating together by identifying strengths and growth areas. Any team can benefit from this workshop, including project teams, administrative teams, cross-functional teams, agile teams, or matrixed relationships. 

Whether the team is highly functional or in dyer need, this workshop is beneficial because it leads to clear insights in team dynamics in order to boost effectiveness. It is crucial that for this 1-day workshop, the entire team attends. 

What you'll get

Our Team Dynamics workshop identifies individual strengths of team members, and relates these strengths to the team overall. It paints a picture of the personality of a team as a whole, and creates a clear, agreed-on vision for where the team wants to be in the future, both short-term and long-term.

During this workshop, the team will:

  • Analyze current team dynamics along specific dimensions including communication, trust and commitment
  • Create a vision for the team's future
  • Learn about individual team member strengths, and identify how these strengths will fit into the team vision
  • Compare individual profiles with the team's profile
  • Identify assets, trends, and vulnerabilities of the team
  • Develop action plans for the team and individuals to impact team performance

This Team Dynamics workshop works at any team level to boost productivity, morale, and team-building.