Find Your Best Leader

Leadership coaching is a key tool to driving organizational impact. Bixa's most renowned leadership coaching program, the Spark Leadership Program™, centers around your in-depth journey to personal mastery as a leader and expands to include your team around you. 

Our leadership training program benefits high potential and seasoned leaders alike who want to enhance key managerial and leadership competencies in order to achieve outstanding results. Business results depend on people, and this program gives leaders the managerial toolkit they need to accomplish organizational goals.

The Spark Leadership Program will help you:

  • Assess and understand how the people around you perceive your leadership style
  • Gain fluency in the dimensions of being a leader
  • Articulate your vision of how you will differentiate yourself within your organization
  • Increase your ability to notice, reflect and self-manage for optimal management performance
  • Assemble a personal leadership toolkit
  • Understand how personal transformation occurs, through your own experience of transformation
  • Discover your authentic leader 

Take action to Spark IMPACT

Your future starts now. The Spark Leadership Program includes:

You're here. That means some part of you is rearing to come out, and make a big impact. You are actively engaged in creating your life and your career, rather than simply reacting to it. You know you have what it takes. This program will help you understand the unique value you bring to your organization, and help you be the leader you know you can be.

Let's build greatness together.