Don't Lose your top female talent!

In the US today, even though companies recruit equal men and women, 43% of highly qualified women with children leave the workforce at some point. Women who graduate from prestigious institutions may be even more likely to leave the workforce. No wonder there are fewer women at the top. 

Losing good people is bad for business. From a financial standpoint alone, replacing high performers costs 2-3 times their salaries

Coaching works, plain & simple

Our co-active coaches offer maternity and transition coaching to support and engage your top female talent. Our program offers a powerful ROI for companies: after 1 year of maternity coaching at Ernst & Young, the percentage of women returning after leave rose from 80% to 94% -- an estimated $21.5M savings in attrition costs! (Ernst & Young data, 2012)

There are a number of other benefits to engaging and empowering mothers that can't be quantified. Staying in the workforce or becoming a stay-at-home mom is a deeply personal decision.  A company that invests in working moms or those making a transition demonstrates a strong commitment to women and their decision-making process. Despite research that women frequently have a sense of renewed focus on their career development upon returning to work post-baby, many new mothers experience guilt and anxiety as well.  Our process at Bixa is to work with both mothers-to-be and new mothers returning to work to identify these feelings and their personal career goals so that they can make decisions with clarity.  

Investing in your people is an investment in the overarching wellness of your organization.

Investing in your people is an investment in the overarching wellness of your organization.

Boost Satisfaction & Renew Career Momentum

At Bixa, we empower your female talent to envision what fulfillment means to them, and unabashedly go for what they want. In addition to boosting retention of high performers, coaching programs increase employee performance both pre- and post-baby, and raise loyalty and trust within your organization. Employees feel confident and in control because they know what to expect at every point. Handovers become seamless because of clear communication and active planning. Since new parents have someone to talk to for strategies on finding balance, they get back into the groove faster, making future career aspirations happen!

New MOther Coaching Program

At Bixa, we offer a range of flexible coaching packages for high performing women and their managers. These packages include a combination one-on-one coaching, group coaching, video webinars, and a working mother culture assessment. 

Our comprehensive 8-step program is a systemic approach to maternity coaching. It requires the active participation of the new parent and their manager, and support from an organizational level that sends a message, through investment in this program, that working parents are a valued addition to the workforce.


As a woman-owned small business, we know strong women. In fact, Bixa was founded by two incredibly hardworking moms, both former management consultants. Our company name even comes from the Latin word for the "lipstick tree."  We love our families and we love what we do both at home and in the office.  It's not always easy and there is a lot to juggle. But we do it because we know what we want, and we have the drive to go after it.  We don our lipstick and serve as strong role models for our children: not because we are in the office, but because we are pursuing our dreams and sharing them with our families.