Want to peek into your users’ homes? We’ll recruit 50 people in your demographic and ask them to take a selfie video in their own environment of how they do something. We will couple written survey questions with video questions. Examples of video questions:

  • Show us where your Amazon Echo is in your house and answer the following questions: (1) What types of things do you typically do with it? (2) When do you find yourself using it most?

  • Take a video that shows us where you make coffee in your house, and walk through your process for making coffee.

2 weeks


What do you need to know about your customers that you currently don’t? We will recruit 50 people in your demographic and ask them to record a 5-minute videos of their screens while they’re doing something. We can also couple these video requests with written survey questions. Example screen recorded questions:

  • How do you typically research a hotel online? Show us your process.

  • Show us your favorite way to keep up with news on your phone.

  • What Google products do you currently use on your phone to keep up with your news and interests? Walk through each one and tell us what you like and don’t like about it.

  • Please go to the following prototype: <link>. Record your screen as you try it out, and tell us what you think. Play with the features you see and let us know what you like and don’t like about them.

2 weeks


Guerrilla Research

Get rapid insights about who your key audiences are and what they need from you. Research is conducted from start-to-finish in 3 weeks. Ideal for consumer-focused businesses, this includes “on-the-street” guerrilla research with at least 50 participants and audience segmentation. You'll get profiles for each segment that tells you the core of what resonates and what doesn’t for that audience.

50 participants
2 weeks

Usability Testing

For an existing website or mobile app, we will recruit and conduct remote moderated usability testing with up to 10 consumers. You’ll get testing results, coupled with expert recommendations. 

10 participants
2 weeks

Journey mapping

We conduct lean research from start-to-finish in 3 weeks with one audience group. This may include guerrilla testing, contextual interviews, and/or ethnography, as needed. You will get a journey map that shows you key touchpoints and emotional peaks through the customer's experience and recommendations that highlight key opportunity areas. 

3 weeks

Research & Design Sprint

We will conduct 2 days of advance user research prior to the sprint with lean-inspired guerrilla research. This is followed by facilitation of a 4-day Google Design Sprint. 

1 week