Comprehensive results. transformational insights.

A true breakthrough among 360-degree assessments, the Leadership Circle Profile paints a comprehensive picture of how a leader's closest colleagues experience their leadership. 

The Leadership Circle Profile has been lauded as more effective than any other instrument available today. The survey is administered online and is the first to connect a well-researched battery of competencies with the underlying and motivating habits of thought. Work with certified Leadership Circle professionals at Bixa to thoroughly understand the relationship between a leader's patterns of action and his or her internal assumptions that drive behavior.

The comprehensive results provided by the Leadership Circle Profile quickly and clearly highlight how improvement in one or two leadership qualities can have an exponential impact on the leader’s effectiveness.

A True 360-degree process

For each leader, the Leadership Circle Profile assessment surveys managers, peers, direct reports, co-workers and/or long-term clients about their perception of the individual’s leadership. Powerful insight provides a holistic picture of the individual as a leader.

Unlike other 360-degree assessments, the Leadership Circle Profile measures two crucial leadership domains: Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies. In evaluating the Leadership Circle Profile, we consistently find that strengths and development areas rise to the surface. Ratings for each leader are based on competencies, and tendencies are reported in comparison to a global statistical database.


The Leadership Circle Profile:

  • Accelerates Development:  Instantly reveals key opportunities for your leader’s development without requiring reading through reams of documentation. The Leadership Circle Profile enables a leader to start with a targeted breakthrough focus, rather than spending months trying to reach one.
  • Is more than just an assessment: The rich theoretical underpinnings of the profile provide a pathway to transformation. No other tool offers this.
  • Offers Momentum for Coaching Sessions: Seasoned consultants and coaches consistently report that Leadership Circle Profile enables them to have their most productive sessions. They agree it is the most powerful 360 for leadership, while being remarkably easy to use and to understand.
  • Delivers ROI:  The Leadership Circle Profile offers faster return on the investment you are making in your leaders because the instrument drives a more focused development plan and quicker results. 

Informed by Adult Development theory as well as several other psychological, leadership, and learning frameworks, The Leadership Circle Profile accelerates leadership effectiveness beyond traditional competency-based approaches by identifying patterns of both constructive or creative as well as reactive or defensive behaviors.  This instrument goes both broad and deep, cutting through limiting behaviors by inviting exploration of the thinking and feeling patterns that undergird and enable those behaviors.  The instrument is easy to administer and includes a 1.5-2 hour debrief with a coach certified in the instrument.  

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