Are you a creative, entrepreneurial self-starter and a hard worker? Join a small team of inspired individuals who love what they do and are passionate about building better experiences.

This is a highly-competitive unpaid internship, ideal for a student studying marketing, human-computer interaction, or a related subject area. You will learn real-world marketing research from experts in the field while helping clients get to know their customers better. This will include working hand-in-hand with Sarah Weise, #1 Bestselling Author of InstaBrain: The New Rules for Marketing to Generation Z.

You will support research for our most important clients. They are responsible for everything from drafting research plans to recruiting participants to piloting research studies, synthesizing results, and assisting in creating simple but impactful recommendations. You will also keep up with industry articles, write blog posts, and creating content that empowers our clients to learn more about their customers. You will help develop training materials and help in-person support training and workshops on topics related to research.

While most of our work is remote, we will meet once every couple of weeks in person. We would like to see candidates from the Washington, DC metropolitan area (we meet in Alexandria, VA) and Denver, CO. We will not exclude candidates from other parts of the country, but preference will be given to participants who are local to Northern Virginia and Denver.

What we’d like to see:

  • Student currently working on a degree in Marketing, Human-Computer Interaction, or related subject

  • Familiarity with qualitative and quantitative marketing research techniques, audience segmentation, personas, and journey maps

  • You’ve read our book, InstaBrain: The New Rules for Marketing to Generation

  • Comfort in a public speaking position (we expect you to kick off and lead meetings and share your ideas openly)

  • Strong organizational skills (you’re comfortable juggling several projects at once, documenting your planned and completed work in a team task list)

  • Strong writing skills (we often write recommendations out for clients and this is an absolute essential skill; you will be asked to provide a writing sample)

  • An eye for design (you may be asked to format presentations or create images in Photoshop or Canva)

  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills (we’re a small team so this is a big deal)

  • The drive to learn more about the marketing industry

Bixa is committed to creating an inclusive employee experience for all. Regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or if you’re parenting the next generation of innovators, we believe that our work is at its best when everyone feels free to be their most authentic self.

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