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Market Research with specialty in Mobile Youth (Millennial and Generation Z) research


Today, Generation Z (aged 13-25) outpaces Millennials by 3 million. They represent 40% of consumers and $44B in direct buying power (just wait until they all get jobs!). This generation is wielding its mighty influence on every other generation, in every industry. Yet marketing departments are still focusing on Millennial research and are missing the massive potential of Generation Z. This generation of digital natives is an entirely different type of consumer—one that you need a completely new type of marketing strategy to reach.

Meteoric enhancements in web, mobile, and cloud technologies have driven a new era of user engagement. Digital users expect greater access to information, interactions, and control—all while on the go. They demand an instant, seamless user experience that offers relevant, efficient, personalized, and convenient access to services across multiple channels. This appetite for convenient, on-demand digital experiences is why digital engagement is no longer an option: it should come standard. 

How confident are you that you can connect and engage with your Gen Z customers (or future customers, employees) in a way that will resonate?


Explore new opportunities for your Gen Z customers

Spot new opportunities for your business by understanding how Gen Z customers feel about and connect with brands and influencers in your industry.

Example approaches:

• Contextual Interviews
• Ethnographic (Observational) Research
• Mobile Diary Studies


Test websites, apps, and prototypes with a Gen Z audience

How confident are you that your latest and greatest feature or product will land with a youth audience. We’ll help you recruit and test in order to validate product direction and avoid rollout disasters.

Example approaches:

• Usability Testing
• Agile/Lean Testing
• Guerrilla Testing
• Rapid Prototyping & Testing
• Evaluations by Gen Z experts


Optimize the Gen Z experience over time

For youth audiences, experiences outweigh things. We conduct routine measurements of customer experience within this segment, as it is more important than ever that your experience goes above and beyond for this group. We identify the touchpoints that matter the most to your customers and work to solidify or enhance these “magic moments” to ensure that your KPI's are met.

Example approaches:

• Quantitative Research
• Ongoing Experience Measurement
• Competitor Ranking
• Content & Messaging Evaluations
• Eye-tracking & Biometric Studies

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In addition to leading Gen Z research, we also conduct training for your team. We literally wrote the book when it comes to understanding youth trends.


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