Executive coaching is an paramount tool in driving deep organizational impact. Our most renowned executive coaching program, the Executive Catalyst Program™, centers around you as an individual and as a leader, and expands to include your team around you.

Our 6-month Executive Catalyst Program will help you:

  • Assess and understand how the people around you perceive your leadership style
  • Gain fluency in the dimensions of your leadership
  • Discover your unique organziational engagement triggers 
  • Deeply understand and articulate your vision for the future, for both you and your organization
  • Learn to consciously focus your attention in a proactive way
  • Assemble a personal leadership toolkit, and a support system around you
  • Understand how personal transformation occurs, through your own experience of transformation

ENVISION YOUR FUTURE. Now Let's GO Build Your Legacy.

You are at the top of your game, and you did not get here by accident. You are actively engaged in creating your life, rather than simply reacting to it. You have what it takes, and you know it. The Executive Catalyst Program will bolster your momentum to help you achieve your greatness within. Our program includes:

  • Visioning Session for Your Team or Organization
  • 360-Degree Leadership Circle Assessment
  • Thomas-Kilmann assessment and debrief to identify and develop key skills in communications, conflict, and negotiation 
  • 2.5-hour Discovery Session
  • Monthly In-Person Coaching Sessions
  • Accountability Partnership with Unlimited Email and Text Support
  • 3 Surprise Gifts Mailed to You

The Bixa method of Executive Coaching centers around the individual, within business context. Our co-active coaches tap into the best part of your inner leader and help you become a megaphone, projecting the visionary part of you in everything you do at work. You already have the talent and the focus, or you wouldn't be where you are today.

We help top executives like you envision your future with clarity, articulate it with crispness, and go after it with all you've got.  From this investment, you will see immense impact to your productivity, motivation, and fulfillment at work. We will help you embrace your personal potential, and remember each day why you love what you do.