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Market Research with specialty in Mobile Youth (Millennial and Generation Z) research


Custom research leads to clear decisions. Bixa implements a custom mix of qualitative and quantitative research to deliver audience insights that matter: clear direction to drive your strategic business and product decisions. It’s easy to know what’s not working. It’s harder to find out why—and what to do about it. We’ll help you understand what your next move should be, and give you the confidence and support to pull the trigger.


Explore new opportunities in the market

Be confident in what your customers really need. Our unique psychographic research helps you spot new opportunities for your business.

Example approaches:

• Contextual Interviews
• Ethnographic (Observational) Research
• Mobile Diary Studies
• Design Thinking Workshops
• Persona & Journey Mapping Workshops


Test with customers to make sure it lands

Ready to go live? We can help you test early and often with customers or potential customers to validate your product direction and avoid rollout disasters.

Example approaches:

• Usability Testing
• Agile/Lean Testing
• Guerrilla Testing
• Rapid Prototyping & Testing
• Expert Evaluations


Optimize customer experience over time

We measure customer experience over time to help you make the updates that matter the most to your customers and ensure that your KPI's are met.

Example approaches:

• Quantitative Research
• Ongoing Experience Measurement
• Competitor Ranking
• Content & Messaging Evaluations
• Eye-tracking & Biometric Studies


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