A Peloton-inspried training & coaching for marketers and UXers

Last week my Peloton arrived, and I have been not only obsessed with my new toy, but also enthralled by the business model that Peloton has used to build a super-engaged community around a fairly standard spinning bike. 

When I’m taking classes, I love all the metrics I’m seeing. And they do shout-outs for people who have taken 150, 250, even 500 rides on their Peloton. 

The instructors are so motivating, and the fact that they have hundreds of different types of classes that you can take everyday is changing the game. I’ve found myself a couple times just scrolling through the classes with the instructors that I like, bookmarking the ones I want to take later. 

In the last live class I took, there were over 1,500 people in the class at that moment. People from all over the country being moved (literally) by their Peloton.

All this is to say that the business model for Peloton is disrupting the way we have traditionally exercised. Technology has enabled us to work out from home. To be social in a private setting. To give high-fives to those working really hard and to fit courses into our hectic lives when we normally wouldn’t have. 

So I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can use this model for my business. And I’d like to run something by you. 

I’m thinking about offering a new service: a subscription-based self-paced coaching & training program for marketers and UX-ers. The goal is to help practitioners boost their skills in a self-directed way. Kind a Peloton of UX research. 

So I envision this being for people who have experience in marketing or UX. A world-class marketing and UX training and coaching system where you get masterful coaching and daily application of the finest methods and tools available today. 

Training that’s fresh and current each week, with thematic content and challenges for you to apply new skills at work.

So if this is you, please write back to me and tell me if you would be interested in a subscription like this. 

YOU are a warrior. A real practitioner. You need fresh training to keep you current with your skills. Bootcamps are for beginners. You need a different approach: an on-the-go training that fits in with your busy life. A Peloton-inspired business for marketing and UX coaching. 

So what do YOU think? I’d love to hear from you.

Sarah Weise