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Market Research with specialty in Mobile Youth (Millennial and Generation Z) research


Bixa is a studio made of fearless thinkers, creators, builders. Our multidisciplinary group will work with you to explore, tinker, and find precisely what works for your brand and your customers.




What we stand for


Our people

We measure success not on what we earn, but by the relationships we have built along the way. We genuinely care about our employees and clients alike—and it shows. We reward loyalty and teamwork. Our goal is to lift up our people and empower them to shine.



One of our core areas of practice is education. We offer training to teams and individuals, we author helpful content (our newsletters are great… hint, hint), and we create online training courses for busy practitioners.


Moving the needle

We don’t do research for research’s sake; our chief goal is to find insights that matter to your business decisions. We are inventors, innovators, self-starters who try and fail and try again. We kick off each project by getting granular about your research goals. And we make sure to deliver impact on what matters most to you.


Giving back

Bixa employees spend at least 2 weeks during the year giving back to their community. We believe this makes for well-rounded researchers who practice empathy on a routine basis. It’s also the right thing to do. Often this involves learning and we have been judges at high school competitions, marketing mentors with the American Marketing Association (AMA), and guest lecturers at universities.



If we’re not having fun while we’re working (and if you’re not having fun when you’re with us), we’re doing something wrong. We bring you the highest quality research, yes. But our job is one of connection. We pride ourselves on building rapport, making participants feel comfortable with us, and making you laugh (even if it’s just a little). Warning: you might get addicted.



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Get involved


Meet us!

Book a time to talk, or see if we’re going to be in your area sometime soon. We travel around the world conducting research, so tell us what you need and we can come to you.


We are always looking for people with big hearts and enormous talent. Check the careers page to see our available openings in your area. Many of our positions are remote!

Get paid for research

Interested in making money by taking part in paid studies? Join our database and we’ll email you if we have an opportunity you may be eligible for.